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  • A Really Good Dog

    Some time back, on a walk with Kit, a neighbor spotted us strolling along: Kit frequently looking up at me, making eye contact; me marking the behaviors I liked with a clicker and feeding him treats. She called out to us, “Looks like you have a really good dog, there!” I laughed and replied, “About… Continue reading A Really Good Dog

  • On Attention, Engagement, and Connection

    I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what “attention” and “connection” mean when we’re discussing training and living with dogs.  I hear from private clients and students in group classes that they want their dogs to “pay attention” to them, but I think it’s important that we, as thoughtful and well-intentioned pet… Continue reading On Attention, Engagement, and Connection

  • What’s in a name?

    Have you been wondering about the significance of the name “Birch Bark”? Has it been keeping you up nights?We certainly hope not, but we’re still happy to explain. One of the primary characteristics of birch trees is their flexibility: their ability to bend without breaking. If these tall and slender trees were rigid, any force… Continue reading What’s in a name?