Group Classes

Big changes coming to our group classes in 2022!
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Cultivate your dog’s good manners & skills while strengthening your bond in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment!

Group Classes: Something for Everyone

Group training offers learning and enrichment for both the dogs and thier people.

Benefits for you!

  • Learn how dogs learn and see the world
  • Improve your relationship & strengthen your bond with your dog
  • Get expert coaching on common behavior issues
  • Meet and learn from other dog owners (socialization is for people, too!)
  • It’s fun!

Benefits for your dog!

  • Improved engagement with you, the human, in higher distraction environments
  • Cognitive enrichment
  • Practice good manners on leash around other dogs
  • Learn new cues and polish up rusty ones
  • It’s fun!

Level 1: Foundations

Our 6-week level one class covers all the basics you need to get started on a positive and connected relationship with your dog: basic obedience cues, foundational principles of canine learning, troubleshooting common behavior problems, and more!
Appropriate for dogs ages 4 months and up.

Location: Buena Vista Park, Vista CA
Registration fee: $200

New Dates soon!
Dates may be affected by weather

Level 2: Flow

This 5 week class builds off of the behaviors we covered in Level 1: Foundations (and keeping with our hippy-dippy, yoga-centric vocabulary), our Flow class will integrate previously learned cues with more advanced behaviors including: “go to your mat” (stationing), “get behind” (sit behind the handler), next-level stays & recalls, and adding more work around bigger distractions! 
Appropriate for dogs ages 4 months and up with some previous training. If you are unsure if your dog is ready to Flow, please drop us a line.

Location: Buena Vista Park, Vista CA
Registration fee: $200

New Dates Soon!
Dates may be affected by weather

Specialty Classes

More classes coming soon…!
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