Dog Reactivity

This is our jam.
We LOVE working with dogs who are reactive on leash.
We love working with dog reactivity almost as much as you hate living with it.

Our Dog Reactivity Program

Living with a dog who has reactivity to other dogs is frustrating, embarrassing, stressful, and exhausting. We know this first hand. We know what it’s like to schedule walks to avoid other dogs, to hide behind cars until your neighbor and their easy-going pup stroll on by, to hold your breath around blind corners, to come home near tears because it’s just so hard.

We know what it’s like, and we know how to help.

“You gave us freedom and confidence. Thank you.”
-Martina, mom to Charlie and Lucy

Dog reactivity at its heart is not a behavioral problem: it’s an emotional problem. When your dog sees (or hears!) another dog they have an emotional response that causes them to behave in a certain way. At Birch Bark, instead of only caring about what’s happening on the outside, we shift focus to changing what’s happening on the inside. When your dog no longer experiences extreme fear or rage at the sight of another pooch, their behavior will naturally become calmer.

In addition to changing your dog’s emotional experience of other dogs, we will coach you on:

  • Using humane, pain-free equipment
  • Leash handling skills for safety and control
  • Foundational work to build engagement
  • Learning to read your dog’s body language
  • How to calm you dog after an incident
  • Best practices for prevention
  • How to keep yourself calm in stressful situations

We are so happy that we found you! You have changed our lives tremendously. We can’t ever thank you enough!
– Heather & Violet, moms to Apollo & Kylo

Initial Consult

All in-person services will begin with a 90-minute consultation. In this session we will lay the groundwork for success with your dog: we will take an objective look at your dog’s current behavior, the challenges you face, and map out a plan to help you reach your training goals. In addition to planning the “long game” of a training program, we will provide you with some immediate steps you can take to see positive movement in behavior.

Initial Consult
90 minutes
Travel fee may apply to some areas

Private Training Sessions

After the initial consultation, we will get started working through your training plan and towards the goals that we have set together. Training sessions are tailored to suit and support the lives, needs, and learning styles of both humans and dogs.
The number of sessions recommended will vary depending on the goals we set together or the severity of the behavior concern. Sessions are typically held weekly or biweekly at your home or appropriate public space. Depending on your dog and your goals we may choose to stick to private lessons or combine them with ReactiviTeam sessions for a more intensive approach to behavior change.

Single 60-minute session$170
4 Session Package$670
8 Session Package$1280
12 Session Package$1860
Per-session travel fee may apply to some areas

*Package cost does not include travel fees which may apply to some areas

ReactiviTeam Sessions

ReactiviTeams are semi-private lessons for no more than 4 dog-handler teams that feature: individual coaching on working with your reactive dog, other dogs to safely practice around, and a supportive community of other pet parents who share your frustrations and goals!  
These lessons are not a multi-week class, but open-enrollment style weekly sessions to allow for greater schedule flexibility and the opportunity to work around a greater variety of dogs, with a strict limit on the number of dog/handler teams to ensure plenty of individual attention, space between dogs, and everyone’s success!

Single Team session$125
3 Team session package$360
6 Team Sessions$690