Testimonials: Clients Bark Back!

Lea, mom to Starlord’s mom

In session with Starlord

My daughter’s Aussie pup started showing signs of fear reactivity and while I teach kids how to train dogs this was outside of my wheelhouse so I contacted Lindsey to work on his behavior. We did a package and even after the first visit and homework given we started seeing improvements. In the time we worked with Lindsey at Birch Bark we saw a dramatic decrease in his reactivity and fear response. She worked with my daughter to improve her ability to understand what she needed to do to improve his behavior and worked with them both in multiple locations. After completing the series of one on one lessons we took her Zen dog class as well. It was like night and day. I can not recommend Lindsey enough for behavioral issues.

John, dad to Darwin

John and Darwin

“I’ve been trying to manage my Chihuahua’s interactions with new people for eleven years.  Darwin’s behavior was quite aggressive to new people and dogs.  This is especially true when entering his personal space.  I tried various trainers who told me he was protecting me, and also tried a few books advocating to be the alpha – none of this worked.  Then came Lindsey; she immediately recognized that my dog was completely terrified.  She explained all the signs that led her to this conclusion.  Knowing this changed my whole dynamic with Darwin.  Punishment was replaced with compassion and a whole new set of tools Lindsey cued me into.  My entire relationship with my dog has changed, and we are closer than ever.  I owe all of this to Lindsey!”

Paul, dad to JJ


“My wife and I thought we were pretty dog savvy until we got our new puppy. We quickly realized that we were in over our heads and we were slowly going crazy. Enter Birch Bark Dog Training! Thank heavens for Lindsey! She’s been incredibly helpful in getting our new (stubborn) puppy on the path to being a really great dog. Lindsey’s approach to dog training is very positive and she’s shown us how quickly we can begin to change some of our pups less than awesome behaviors. And we love that she’s come to our home to show us how to work on things in our environment! It’s made our lives much more sane and has helped our older dog regain some dignity! Highly recommended!.”

Erin, mom to Bailey

“Can not recommend Lindsey enough! Diligently took the time to understand our concerns, goals, and all fascists of Baileys behavior, she came prepared to every session, adapted plans in the moment such as Baileys level of comfort, unexpected neighbors and deliver tucks, to make the most out of each of our sessions together, sent incredibly helpful email recommendations for products, videos, books as well as recapping our sessions together AND she has a super awesome laid back approach, mixed with her proven expertise, that puts everyone (humans and dogs) at immediate ease when working with her. We have full confidence in her and are so thankful for the tools she’s taught us and Bailey!”

Jeana, mom to Tink, Lulu, Mitzi and foster mom to dozens… and counting!

Jeana with Mitzi (l) and foster dog Logan (r)

“I have been so grateful to have benefited from Lindsey’s teaching and training for several years, and in many different situations. Her classes have been rich in knowledge, with a great sense of fun, along with a positive approach-with people and dogs!  Her high level of experience in  training, and her remarkable insight into dog behavior, are rare gifts. She has solved problems for me with foster dogs, and my own dogs, when other trainers and their methods didn’t help. She is well versed in all aspects of training and behavior, certified, and  is a trainer/teacher with real solutions. She works using kind perceptive understanding, and strategies/techniques that are grounded in science.”

Tess, mom to Tux

We were working with Lindsey over 8 weeks on our dogs reactivity to other dogs and his over excitement on the leash. Lindsey understands the needs of dogs and their humans and showed us some great techniques to help our dog learning to be more relaxed and less reactive on the leash. We already noticed an improvement after our first class. Lindsey is highly professional and fun to work with. We like her forcefree and positive reinforcement approach on dogs. It really works! We highly recommend her and Birch Bark Dog Training and will possibly try and attend one of her group training classes once our dog is ready for it.

Brooke, mom to Noah

Brooke and Noah

Lindsey is a lifesaver, but actually. When I got my *spicy* rescue dog Noah (who is ~110lbs for reference..) he would break loose from the leash to run after cars, lunge and bark at strangers walking by, and have major issues with other dogs even from a distance. That was not sustainable. Lindsey helped me understand Noah’s BIG feelings and how to set myself (and my dog) up for success. From my time with Lindsey, I have gained an incredible amount of confidence as a dog owner and I was able to see significant changes in Noah’s behavior throughout our 12-week program. There have also been a few unexpected benefits from our involvement with Birch Bark. One is the strengthened relationship Noah and I have developed from working on trust and understanding each other’s limits. Another is the community Lindsey provides, particularly with other reactive dog parents, which is totally invaluable. We wrapped up our twelve weeks almost a month ago, and I still benefit from the training Noah and I had with Lindsey. Birch Bark is the best investment I have ever made that has equipped me (and Noah) with tools that will last a lifetime.

Lauren & Daniel, parents to Emma

Emma & Daniel

“Lindsey is fantastic! When looking for a dog trainer, we found Lindsey and liked that she uses force-free methods, and that she has certification in both dog training and dog behavior modification, as we were seeing the start of what we thought could be aggressive or protective behavior in our new dog. We had a session over Zoom and we were so impressed with how helpful and thorough she was– I was taking lots of notes! We have since been practicing her advice and have already seen positive results with our dog in a short amount of time, and Lindsey has been wonderful with her follow-up as well! Highly recommended this dog trainer!”

Joletta, mom to Coco


We recently adopted a 6 year old mixed-breed doggo named Coco. She was rescued from a kill-shelter and spent one year with her foster parents, as she had trouble getting adopted. She is a sweet and sensitive soul who doesn’t trust anyone at first sight and can become pretty afraid of things at times. We contacted Lindsey to help us get Coco more comfortable and feeling safer and more confident. We learned so many helpful techniques to use with Coco, from when someone rings the doorbell to visitors she doesn’t know coming over to loud noises and lots of activity going on at the park. The training has helped us to feel more confident and equipped to manage situations that might stress Coco (and thus all of us!) out. We also learned that Coco is one smart doggo who LOVES to train. She has skills now, too, that help her make good decisions, while still staying her goofy, sensitive, sassy self. We all learned so much from Lindsey! 

Breana, mom to Pippin and Prosciutto

TLDR: Reach out to Lindsey now! She WILL help you and your pet! My husband and I reached out to Lindsey about 2 months ago in desperation. What I can tell you about Lindsey based on having known her for only a couple of months is that she is a person who has many roles. When you are crying because your dog isn’t acting like themselves anymore, she is your best friend who loves your pet the way you do. When you are confused about your dog’s body language, she is your favorite college professor who gives you hands on learning. When you can’t quite figure out what you are doing wrong, she is your mentor who gently directs you towards a solution. And, perhaps most importantly, when you begin to see progress with your pet, she is your cheer leader who celebrates with you and keeps you on track. If you are looking for a behaviorist/trainer who approaches your pet with no judgement, Lindsey is your girl. Leave your reluctance and reservations to the side and send her an email. I guarantee you she will surpass your expectations. From phone calls between appointments, to direct communication with your vet, Lindsey will keep you and your pet on the path to success. Her analysis of your individual situation will comfort you. She will not treat you like just another appointment – she will listen to your questions and educatedly answer them based on your scenario, not only general knowledge. As somebody who hesitated to admit my perfect dog had an aggression problem, I can sincerely say that Lindsey has assuaged any concerns I had about feeling like an inferior pet parent. In 2 months, my dogs have gone from mandatory full-time separation to supervised play. Growls and attacks are a thing of the past. They can even sleep in the same room together again! If you are reading this review, it is because you want the best help you can find for your dog. Lindsey is the person who can guide you and your pet to a more happy and healthy environment/relationship. The sooner you reach out to her, the sooner you and your family will be started towards success.

Frances & David, parents to Bella

“Lindsey is a wonderful trainer! My boyfriend and I spent weeks trying to find a good trainer and to be honest, none of them stood out to us the way Lindsey did. Lindsey returned our call the same night and spent time listening to our concerns regarding our recently rescued dog who suffered with Human/Animal aggression. Other trainers we spoke to already had their minds made up about us and our dog before having even met us. But Lindsey was compassionate, non-judgmental and focused on finding the root of our issue. Upon meeting we could immediately tell she had a genuine love for animals by how warm and caring her interaction was with our pooch. Lindsey was punctual when arriving for training and her training methods were grounded in positive reinforcement and desensitization of our dog’s trigger in a humane way (she does NOT use shock/electric collars or any kind of brute force). It was obvious from the start that Lindsey has done her research on understanding the Psyche of dogs and her training methods were not only brilliant (why didn’t we think of that?) but effective! We have already seen an improvement in our dog’s behavior using her training techniques. Lindsey is also great at following through with what she says. If she tells you she’s going to reach out to you in a few days with some helpful tips and background information to help you further understand your dog, best believe an E-mail is coming your way! Her professionalism is on the next level and we are so grateful to have met her and had the opportunity to work with her. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of training/rehabilitating their fur baby.”