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  • Goals, Intentions, and Invitations

    In many yoga classes, students are encouraged to set an intention at the beginning of practice. Intentions are not quite goals.  I see goals as some kind of finish line, a completed achievement.   In the context of yoga, a goal could be to be able to accomplish a particular feat such as touching your… Continue reading Goals, Intentions, and Invitations

  • The Role of Ego in Dog Training (Part 3) – Finding Peace

    In Part 2 of this series, I described how ego (Buddhist, not Freudian) can show up and insert itself into the ways we live with, train, and generally interact with our dogs, to the detriment of everyone involved. Here we will examine how to acknowledge when and where ego appears, why it’s detrimental to both… Continue reading The Role of Ego in Dog Training (Part 3) – Finding Peace

  • Pause

    This isn’t my usual sort of blog post. This isn’t professional. This is true. This is not meant to be a pity-party for me, it’s to shine a light on the feeling of being overwhelmed by the needs of those we care for. I am crying at the kitchen table.   ……… 5:30am, wake up, no… Continue reading Pause