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Helping dogs and people across North San Diego County

Group Classes

Group classes offer expert coaching and advice over weekly sessions. Dog learn to engage and perform in busy environments while humans learn from each other!

Behavior Modification

Birch Bark specializes in working with dogs with more severe issues. We are happy to work with dogs displaying fearful, anxious, reactive, and aggressive behaviors.

The latest on the Birch Bark Blog

On Bad Walks and Love

I had several other things that I thought I was going to write about for this week’s blog post: more stuff on ego, some really interesting stuff I’ve been thinking about on frustration vs anticipation, and then a whole thing about plateaus in reactivity work that I’m really excited about. But something got in the… Continue reading On Bad Walks and Love

Why You’ll Love Us

Birch Bark offers dog training and behavior modification rooted in science & practiced with mindfulness.

We are:

  • Force-free
  • Breed inclusive
  • Judgement free
  • Dual-certified
  • Excited to meet you!

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