Behavior Modification

We deal with problem behaviors from the roots to help you and your dog live calmer, happier, safer lives together.

If your primary concern is your dog’s reactive or aggressive behavior to other dogs, please look at our
Dog Reactivty Program

About Behavior Modification

Dogs who behave fearfully, aggressively, or generally “out of control”, are likely experiencing high levels of stress. This stress may be caused by a specific acute trigger (ex: strangers entering the home, an unfamiliar dog approaching, being left alone), or it may be the culmination of multiple smaller provocations.

Birch Bark takes a holistic approach to behavior modification by addressing not just what the dog is doing but taking a look at what he experienced that generated the emotional response, which then produced that particular behavior. We will then work together as a team to change your dog’s emotional response to known triggers for the better.

“The training has helped us to feel more confident and equipped to manage situations that might stress Coco (and thus all of us!) out. …She has skills now, too, that help her make good decisions, while still staying her goofy, sensitive, sassy self.”
– Joletta, mom to Coco

We are ready to help you and your dog with:

  • Dog Reactivity
  • Fearfulness
  • Stanger reactivity
  • Over-arousal/hyperactivity
  • Resource guarding/possession aggression
  • Aggression (with restrictions)

“My entire relationship with my dog has changed”
– John, dad to Darwin

Initial Consult

All in-person services will begin with a 90-minute consultation. In this session we will lay the groundwork for success with your dog: we will take an objective look at your dog’s current behavior, the challenges you face, and map out a plan to help you reach your training goals. In addition to planning the “long game” of a training program, we will provide you with some immediate steps you can take to see positive movement in behavior.

Initial consult
90 minutes
Travel fee may apply to some areas

Private Training Sessions

After the initial consultation, we will get started working through your training plan and towards the goals that we have set together. Training sessions are tailored to suit and support the lives, needs, and learning styles of both humans and dogs. While teaching your dog the new behaviors and life skills he or she needs, you will learn how to better understand your dog’s perspective and emotional state, set your dog up for success, and encourage better manners and behavior in daily life.
The number of sessions recommended will vary depending on the goals we set together or severity of the behavior concern. Sessions are typically held weekly or biweekly in your home, with email support and troubleshooting available between sessions.

Single 60-minute session$170
4 Session Package$670
8 Session Package$1280
12 Session Package$1860
Per session travel fee may apply to some areas

*Package cost does not include travel fees which may apply to some areas

Online Consulting & Coaching

Whether you’re far away from North SD County, stuck at home, or just want a quick coaching session, we are happy to provide live, online training and behavior services over the internet! Same expert advice you’d receive in person, without the need to wear a mask or put on deodorant. ; )

Initial 60-minute session$160
Half-hour follow-up$85
4 half-hour sessions$300