Group Class Shopping List

Your Dog’s Outfit
Leash – 6’
Body Harnesses
Freedom Harness (preferred)
Sense-ation harness

The general rule for treats is that they should be soft, small, and delicious. I typically use a trail mix of hot dogs, cheese, and Happy Howie’s.  I find having variety in my bag of goodies helps keep the dog from getting bored.  Here are some ideas for what your dog might find rewarding:

  • Meat (hot dogs, boiled/canned chicken, lunch meat, leftover steak)
  • Cheese (cheddar, string, Cheez-Whiz)
  • Happy Howie’s (or Natural Balance, Red Barn, other dog trat rolls)
  • Cream cheese in single-serve packets
  • Novel kibble (softened in broth)
  • Store bought “training treats”
  • Cat food

Here’s a video on how to cut dog treats!

Other Training Tools
A mat or towel (a rubber-bottomed bath mat is best as towels and blankets are more likely to bunch up or slide around. I use this one)
A treat bag (the one I use is made by Doggone Good)
Drinking water for you and your dog

Optional but recommended:
A clicker (provided!)
Long line – My new fave
Stuffed Kong or enticing chew like a bully stick
Bug spray

Where to buy this stuff??
Online is often the easy option, but if you’d like to support small local businesses, please consider:
Carlsbad Pet & Feed
Protein for Pets
Dexter’s Deli