Private Training

Training programs designed for you, your dog, your life.

Thank heavens for Lindsey! She’s been incredibly helpful in getting our new (stubborn) puppy on the path to being a really great dog.
Paul, dad to JJ

About Private Training

If you’re looking for a training program that’s customized for you, your dog, and your life, private training is the way to go. We will work with you to create a training plan to teach your dog all the things they need to learn so you both can live a happy, safe, and peaceful life together. We can work together one-on-one or the whole household can participate (kids can make excellent trainers!).

Lessons can cover any or all of the following:

  • Basic obedience cues
  • Loose leash walking
  • House training
  • Jumping and adolescent mouthing
  • Destructive behavior
  • Good manners in public places (parks, cafes, etc)

Her style is collaborative, so you learn how to train your dog in a sustainable way that’s realistic for the whole family. I saw immediate changes after each 1-hour working session with our puppy at our home.
Carrie, mom to Nelly

Initial Consult

All in-person services will begin with a 90 minute consultation. In this session we will lay the groundwork for success with your dog: we will take an objective look at your dog’s current behavior, the challenges you face, and map out a plan to help you reach your training goals. In addition to planning the “long game” of a training program, we will provide you with some immediate steps you can take to see positive movement in behavior.

Initial consult
90 minutes
Travel fee may apply to some areas

Private Training Sessions

After the initial consultation, we will get started working through your training plan and towards the goals that we have set together. Training sessions are tailored to suit and support the lives, needs, and learning styles of both humans and dogs. While teaching your dog the new behaviors and life skills he or she needs, you will learn how to better understand your dog’s perspective and emotional state, set your dog up for success, and encourage better manners and behavior in daily life.
The number of sessions recommended will vary depending on the goals we set together or severity of the behavior concern. Sessions are typically held weekly or biweekly in your home, with email support and troubleshooting available between sessions.

Single 60 minute session$160
4 Session Package$630
8 Session Package$1240
12 Session Package$1830
Per session travel fee may apply to some areas

Puppy Power Packs

If you just brought home a new puppy, we have training packages tailored just for you! Puppy Power Packs are designed for pups 8-16 weeks old and include everything you need to start off your new fur baby right!

Basic Puppy Power Pack:

  • One 75-90 minute consultation
  • Three 60 minute training sessions
  • One 30 minute Zoom or phone coaching session

What’s covered:

  • House training
  • Confinement/crate training
  • Leash training foundations
  • Basic cues 1: name recognition, sit, down, coming when called
  • House manners (destruction prevention!)

Total Value = $740
Package cost = $700*
$40 Savings

Puppy Power Pack Plus

  • One 75-90 minute consultation
  • Six 60 minute training sessions
  • One 30 minute Zoom or phone coaching session

What’s covered:

Everything in the Basic Power Pack, and:

  • Basic cues 2: stay, leave it, drop it
  • Handling training 1: picking up, body handling
  • 1-2 Socialization opportunity field trips

Total Value = $1220
Package cost = $1145*
$75 Savings

Super Puppy Power Pack

  • One 75-90 minute consultation
  • Ten 60 minute training sessions
  • Two 30 minute Zoom or phone coaching sessions

What’s covered:

Everything in the Plus Power Pack, and:

  • Basic cues 3: adding distance, duration, and distraction to stays & recalls, go to place
  • Loose leash walking in the real world
  • 1-2 additional field trips, including a Fear-Free adventure to your vet’s office or groomer
  • Handling training 2: training for nail trims, veterinary exams

Total Value = $1925
Package cost = $1785
$140 Savings

*Package cost does not include travel fees which may apply to some areas

Live Zoom Consulting & Coaching

Whether you’re far away from San Diego, stuck at home, or just want a quick coaching session, we are happy to provide live, online training and behavior services over Zoom! Same expert advice you’d receive in person, without the need to wear a mask or put on deodorant. ; )

Initial 60 minute session$150
Half-hour follow-up $70
4 half-hour sessions$260